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Quintas com Quintaes entrevista Wagner Araújo


What was not lacking was matter. After all, it’s more than 30 years of Carnival. However, since a meeting had been held at the Ministry of Labor, the closed barracks guided the conversation with Empress Leopoldinense’s director of Carnival, Wagner Araújo. The program, plus a third season of Quintas com Quintaes, directed by the carnival Mauro Quintaes, will be shown next Thursday, 16 at 8pm, through its YouTube channel.

The death of sculptor Igor Sérgio da Silva de Farias, who was electrocuted while working in the São Clemente barracks on the afternoon of August 31, triggered the interdiction of the 13 sheds of the Samba City, for an indefinite period. Ministry of Labor prosecutors have alleged lack of working conditions and inherent risks, especially to electrical installations. Wagner Araújo showed himself to the demands and seek to reassure not only the Gresilenses.

_ We are losing a few days in conforming to the rules, but soon, soon we can work without problems. The downside of all this was the time when they chose to act. It could have been in April or May. But the authorities are right and soon we will be too.

In the second half of the interview, Wagner Araújo commented on the character he created to deal with the fans of the Empress, a group that has been dedicated for 29 years and that he even presided. According to him, it is just a way of shielding himself for the accomplishment of his work, since many people in the Zone of Leopoldina knows it and, as it happens in the soccer, everybody feels a little technician of Carnival.

Quintas with Quintaes lasts 20 to 25 minutes. To watch it, just visit the channel on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCR1bZNOe74). The first interview of this season, with the carnival Leandro Vieira, from Mangueira, continues online, as well as the playlists with the programs of the previous seasons.

Photos: Diego Mendes / Sector 1

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